Navapashanam Statue

Benefits & the story behind it

Navapashanam – God in medicine form

Creation of Navapashanam is one of the most complex alchemy ever recorded in Siddha system. Pranashakty Team was able to achieve it with years of sustained efforts.

It improves human system medically & spiritually. Benefits range from body rejuvenation to re-balancing 5 elements and reviving & enhancing body energy system.

Increases immunity by stimulating body’s natural defense system & prevents problems like cancer, heart and skin diseases. It is not for instant cure but for prevents them.

Creates positive aura by removing negative energy from the system. The strong energy of Navaphasanam can be felt using the palm from distance.
According to scriptures, Navapashanam balances is tridosha. Balancing tridosha corrects whole body system’s balance there by removing root cause of all health issues.
Navapashanam is known for creating positive energy and aura in the surrounding, either in temple or when kept in a house. It enhances the environment thereby creating a positive place for happy living.
How we achieved
Creation of Navapashanam is one of the most complex alchemy ever recorded in Siddha system. Pranashakty Team was able to achieve it with years of sustained efforts.
2011 – The Story Begins
During advanced retreat, Sri Pranaji received a direct vision from Lord Muruga to make Navapashanam Statue. The team started the venture and realized that it is one of the most difficult alchemy that ever existed.
Knowledge was rare and differentiating between right and wrong information was tough task
Raw materials were rare, making the mission complicated & costly. Materials were sourced from hills, people were sent to remote jungles and many parts of India.
Formula was finalized by trial and error. Success, failure, miracles, frustration and disappointment – everything came in their way until the story ended
2012 – The First Help
The first help was from someone hailing froma family of royal siddha physicians. He had tremendous knowledge on purifying pashanam. We started with him. Enthusiasm & hope filled our hearts.
Sourcing row materials was nothing less than an adventure and risky. Hills, forest, villages and local market – you name a place and we were there.
Differentiating between genuin and fake offers, good and bad row materials etc. were tough tasks for we newbies. Lord helped us find helping hands on right time and the search continued with all the will power in spite of so many hurdles.
2013 – Lost on the way
When divine puts us in to something, be assured that you will learn everything… not just what you are doing but also beyond what you want to do.
Row materials were purified but every attempt to solidify them were failing…!
With no one around to help us, we started exploring ourselves.
Every experiment done throughout the year failed…!
2014 – Ray of hope
Faith shows light. Light gives knowledge. We found a man who can guide us to some extent. We resumed our experiment and solidified the mixture. But it could not withstand normal weather. But still, it was a progress.
A small mistake it ‘kattu’ process destroyed the whole effort.
Molds that weighed 100 kilograms were carried 600 miles away. We had a kind statue maker helping us in moulding a beautiful structure for beloved lord.
2015 – Joy of success
With Lord Muruga’s blessings, we were able to solidify the mixture. Challenges in molding were solved with numerous trial and error attempts. Now it is time for weather test… because the statue has to exist for hundreds of years.
Statue was taken through extreme weather conditions – rain, burning sun, freezing cold, under water and under mud.
As we had to wait for each weather conditions, the process was not quick. We waited with prayers in our hearts.

2016 – Beautiful statue, ready to contain Lord’s essence

After all extream tests, the statue was declared as ‘ready for temple’. The whole effort was success because of grace and direct and indirect help from many kind people. With direct experience of Lords grace in all phases of making, the team embarked on another mission – building the Lord’s home – a temple that can serve the man kind.

Lord Muruga Navapasanam and Pandemic Solutions.

There is a massive critical uprise of the ongoing CORONA VIRUS cases especially dealing with new delta variants or any future variant or a new type of virus. Many people are affected and succumbed to the virus, with a rapid downfall in health and increasing numbers of death not to mention the constant fear, of having to deal with issues of SOPs and social distancing. Imagine having to achieve healing and coverage protection if we can focus our energy onto our health, with a stronger immune system, brimming with love, peace, and wellbeing for all?

That is why NOW – we’re going to tap into cosmic divine healing, directly and instantly with blessings from Lord Murugan Himself that brims power of healing peace and protection; altering health conditions as immediate within 24 HOURS!

To understand the importance of this mission comes from a relevating story: Once, Lord Murugan’s consciousness visited in the dreams of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji – a living Siddhar from the blessed lineage of the 18 Siddhas and who are deeply rooted to Lord Shiva and His divine consciousness. Lord Murugan provided a divine instruction to perform immediate healing which are made available for all; from the chosen visual forms of the Lord’s statue that are made with pure ‘Navapashanam’, created by Sri Pranaji himself

How does this work?

Receive healing by focusing on the image following for one minute.

What happens next? This digital therapy transfers direct cosmic energy healing, embodying divine healings of the Lord through an individual’s energy field and manifest healing procedures. Through the process, one can experience tingling sensations, sensitivity to the aura, heaviness on the chest and shoulder areas, acute discomfort in body parts (do not worry for this are temporary), or some might not feel anything at all.

One can observe instant changes for the next 24 hours that eliminates all types harmful virus and bacteria in the body system (flu, dengue, covid, etc.), including the new delta variants as prescribed worldwide. The energy may also help to repair lungs and heart tissues as well as providing an energy boost to the body. This therapy works also known as energy spectrums that are recognized and captured, programmed, infused with the essence of divinity, and distributed via digital formatting. For more understanding about the ‘The Science Behind Digital Therapy’ please visit

This treatment works for anybody, young or old; no matter of any religion or spiritual background. All it needed from you is the willingness to partake in this healing for you and for your loved ones, without any obligations nor any requirements, for this works as a universal, unconditional, spiritual treatment that aided with the blessings of Lord Murugan’s consciousness and divine mission to heal. It is noted that one might be affected with the virus may turn out to have negative test results through medical procedures, prior to going through this miraculous healing before. And all that takes ONLY A MINUTE and faith for quick miraculous healing, despite these unprecedented times…

Disclaimer : Opinions given are not alternatives for professional medical care for it is recommended for patients to continue any given medical given at present. The information is intended to serve as a reference guide. The healing technique described herein do NOT purport to be nor are intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for professional medical treatment and care. The information given herein does NOT attempt to give any medical diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or remedial recommendation in relation to any disease, ailment, suffering or physical condition of any living thing or object whatsoever. While all suggested practices, descriptions and techniques are offered in good faith, the founder, author or publisher or any member, contributor or promoter of Sri Pranaji’s works or Pranashakty, cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of any action in using any of the information herein.