Home of Ananda Vaidya Murugan

Pranashakty Ashram & Temple Project, Uthiramerur, Chennai, India


Overall Status

  • Navapashanam Statue 100% 100%
  • Land acquisition 100% 100%
  • Funding 10% 10%
  • Temple & Ashram construction 0% 0%


Temple of Anadna Vaidya Murugan will be situated in the main entrance of the land. Detailed design of the temple has been completed and it will be the first construction that will take place here. Pranaji’s vision of a temple that will heal and uplift visitors spiritually will be realized through this temple. The temple is designed in such a way that a devotee will absorb energy in ever step that he takes in this area. Abhishekam from the Navapashanam statue will begin the healing process and additional energies will flush out negatives from the person.

Pyramid meditation center

Meditation center in pyramid shape will be a center to provide spiritual training and to enjoy blissful meditation center for visitors. It will be constructed in the second phase of the work.


Ashram will be constructed in the final phase that will provide support for anyone willing to achieve highest peak of spiritual progress. This will support every ventures taken up by Pranashakty team. The Ashram complex will also host administrative offices required to maintain the facility.