Ashram & Temple Project
Building center for healing, bliss & spiritual upliftment
Uttiramerur, Chennai, India
  • Navapashanam Statue 100% 100%
  • Land acquisition 100% 100%
  • Funding 10% 10%
  • Temple & Ashram construction 0% 0%

A temple and spiritual center to experience & learn most advanced spiritual techniques in the Siddha way

Navapashanam Statue

Statue of the temple is made of Navapashanam – The alchemical preparation that transform poison to nectar is one of the most complex alchemy ever recorded.

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Ashran & Temple Project

Home of Ananda Vaidya Murugan & Ashram to learn Advanced Spiritual Sciences will be constructed. This will be second home for many spiritual aspirants going forward.

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Participate & Help

There are multiple ways that you can take part in this project. We are no only constructing something amazing but it is also going to be a part of upliftment of thousands of spiritual aspirants.

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Navapashanam – God in Medicine form

Creation of Navapashanam is one of the most complex alchemy ever recorded in Siddha system. Pranashakty Team was able to achieve it with years of sustained efforts.

It improves human system medically & spiritually. Benefits range from body rejuvenation to re-balancing 5 elements and reviving & enhancing body energy system.

Temple Image

Pranashakty Temple – Home of Ananda Vaidya Murugan

This temple will be home of Navapashanam Statue of Lord Muruga. Temple is designed by experienced architects hailing from traditional architect family. Every element in the temple is arranged precisely to provide most optimal energy. Every advanced spiritual techniques are used to ensure that anyone who steps in is drenched in energy.

Ashram will be a spiritual school to learn advanced spiritual techniques for aspirants who wants to touch the peak of human potential


You can participate in this project in Many ways. We need support from artists, architects, communication, financial support, moral support, logistics and in many more ways that can help in building this amazing monument.