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Courses offered by Shivashakty Ma
Jothi Body of Light Retreat

When there is someone to hold your hand, a big leap in spiritual progress is not as difficult as it seems. Through Jothi Body of Light Retreat, your energies are lifted to a different plane. Cosmic Jothi Activation, Ananda Siddhi Diksha and Sarva Shakti Sadhana make this retreat soemthing really special Learn More

Advanced Jothi Retreat
Empower yourself to with solutions for issues in spiritual and material life with advanced applications of the powerful Jothi. Enable yourself with powers to activate 360 points of abilities along with Maha Jothi Dhyanam, advanced self healing meditation, protective shield, prosperity ad opening of unconditional heart. Learn More
Neuro Cell Re-Birth Process
No healing therapy can induce permanent change unless each cell and DNA purified or brought to “the zero state”. NCRP cleanses samskaras (deep impressions and karma-inducing agents) rooted in the mind from the patterned makeup of each cell.. Learn More
Siddha Inner Power
When it comes to practical application of Siddha Spiritual Science, Siddha Inner Power has a special role. It provides protective shield, rejuvenation, vitality along with slowing down of aging process. Learn More
Siddha Inner Beauty for Women
Women in modern world faces specific set of challenges that causes physical and psychological pressure that makes them look older and weaker. A special program is required for tackling this issues. Siddha Inner Beauty program is an answer to this. The training focuses both of physical beauty without use of chemical cosmetics and physical well being trough simple and effective energy based cleansing practices. Most of the transformations are visible during the course itself.

Using the principle that ‘everything in universe exists as an energy form’, you will be taught to activatee your mind to ‘download’ knowledge from any author, alive or from the past. This incredible process uses the activation and combination of simple yet impact methods. As every information is completely available in universal , you can use them without it involving in plagiarism. You just must give proper reference to those who originally created the ideas. Learn More

Agni Yoga

Maintaining body temperature is an essential factor for maintaining health, youthfulness, and longevity. Agni Yoga introduces simple & effective method to achieve this. Avoid the impact of environmental changes like global warming. Avoid imbalance caused by lifestyle changes. Balance body heat even in extreme cold or hot conditions. Improve stamina and immune system. Heal paralysis, migraine & chronic muscular spasms. Learn More

Brain-X for Children

There are various cases where bright and well-performing students suddenly plummet in grades overnight. Usually, reasons for such changes are unknown to parents, causing worry as they end up blaming themselves. They feel that child’s learning difficulties are somehow their fault. However, that is not true. While trying to solve the problem, parents sometimes resort to punitive measures like being stricter and being demanding, forcing their child into long hours of study and punishment on failure to obey instructions. These measures mostly do not work and only help in worsening the situation. Some parents shift the blame on the teacher, school, or doctor and tend to change them hoping to solve the issue. Learn More

About Pranashakty

We’re a team of spiritual explorers and Siddha Science enables us with all capabilities. Pranashakty Team delivers knowledge which is free from dogma and distortion. Our teachings are simple and straight forward and techniques are powerful, which can reach deep into the heart of common man. Learn More >

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