Jothi Siddhar

Jothi Yoga Ma
 Altai, Russia
Speaks Russian and English
Courses offered by Jothi Yoga Ma
Jothi Body of Light Retreat

When there is someone to hold your hand, a big leap in spiritual progress is not as difficult as it seems. Through Jothi Body of Light Retreat, your energies are lifted to a different plane. Cosmic Jothi Activation, Ananda Siddhi Diksha and Sarva Shakti Sadhana make this retreat soemthing really special Learn More

Advanced Jothi Retreat
Empower yourself to with solutions for issues in spiritual and material life with advanced applications of the powerful Jothi. Enable yourself with powers to activate 360 points of abilities along with Maha Jothi Dhyanam, advanced self healing meditation, protective shield, prosperity ad opening of unconditional heart. Learn More
Neuro Cell Re-Birth Process
No healing therapy can induce permanent change unless each cell and DNA purified or brought to “the zero state”. NCRP cleanses samskaras (deep impressions and karma-inducing agents) rooted in the mind from the patterned makeup of each cell.. Learn More
Kundalini Shaktipath
Every spiritual aspirant has to go through some special stages in spiritual development no matter which path is followed. Those stages are common to every human being because our energy system and spiritual bodies are similar. One of such stage is Kundalini awakening. After the awakening, the aspirant is never the same. He gets access to many aspects of reality and his true nature. Since then, spiritual development happens automatically.
About Pranashakty

We’re a team of spiritual explorers and Siddha Science enables us with all capabilities. Pranashakty Team delivers knowledge which is free from dogma and distortion. Our teachings are simple and straight forward and techniques are powerful, which can reach deep into the heart of common man. Learn More >

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