Trainers who provide solutions – the Siddha way

Pranashakty Acharyas (trainers) are yogis with extreme passion in spiritual science and modern science at the same time. Sri Pranaji’s intense experience based training has equipped them with abilities to empower people to discover their full potential. Acharyas can provide solutions to various challenges that one may face in both in material or spiritual aspects of life.

Selection process & training

Dedication, Sacrifice & Unconditional Heart

Acharyas are selected from Pranaji’s existing students based on invitation. Pranaji invites a student based on various parameters and the student may choose to accept or reject it. After opting in, they go trough intense training under Sri Pranaji. Acharyas hold a special responsibility as they carry energies and grace from the Siddha lineage. While Acharyas are equipped with additional spiritual tools to help others, the spiritual growth opportunity given to Acharyas and any other student of Sri Pranaji are same.

Find your nearest Acharya

Ordered by country & city

Jothi Meenakshi Ma

Melbourne, Australia

Eka Jothi Ma

Innsbruck, Austria

Soma Jothi Ma

Baselland – Switzerland & Germany


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Jothi Athi Ma

Kurzeme, Latvia

Jothi Devi Ma

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jothi Arul

Moscow, Russia

Jothi Chitra Ma

Tatarstan, Russia

Jothi Yoga Ma

Altai, Russia

Bhagwati Ma

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Shivashakty Ma

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jothi Atma Ma

Dubai – UAE & Mumbai – India


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jothi Bawani Ma

Dubai, United Arab Emirates