Aãdi Nãda Diksha – 5 July 2020

How to participate

Time: 00:00 hrs, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 GMT   (Find your local time)

Event will be repeated at the given times and participant may choose any one of the above time slots to receive the energy. 

General Benefits of Aãdi Nãda Diksha

Aadi Naada Diksha is the fastest way to achive the state of super conscious state and can lead to Savikalpa or Nirvikalpa samadhi. It shortens the time needed for spiritual progress and helps to acquire energy that is beyond normally accessible spectrum.

This Diksha is not advised for those below 15 years of age, pregnant woman and for those undergoing psychiatric treatment

Diksha has two parts

Part 1: Aaadi Naada Transmission

This is an open transmission through which you will experience the complete power of the primordial sound, OM. While you meditate, your system will resonate with the Guru’s vibration levels. By following the process, you will be able to tap in to those frequencies even after the event. This is a deep spiritual experience and is something that can’t be explained in words. Please don’t forget to read about part-2 of the event in following section.

This part of the event is open for all and no registration is required. We are doing elaborate preparations to give you full benefit of the Diksha. Link to instructions is provided below, Optionally, request for a reminder. Be assured that your email is in safe hands and will be used only for event related communications. You may also receive reminder by joining Facebook event page.

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Part 2: Planting the seed of manifestation

This part is optional and is provided for those who want to go one step further. During the deep meditative state, the mind stops. While this state is perfect for manifesting intent, the divine state of oneness makes thinking very difficult. To overcome this difficulty, we will help you by initiating you with one of the seed of following intents. After the diksha, you will be given instructions for 44 days of practice and the chosen intent will start manifesting in your life, career and ventures. 

  1. Seed for Wealth and Prosperity Manifestation
  2. Seed for health manifestation
  3. Seed for Spiritual growth
  4. Seed for peace manifestation
  5. Seed for manifesting intelligence – for students

Click here to understand more about these seeds. As we need to know the seed of your choice and to whom we need to send this energies, we will require you to register using the button below so that we can send the details securely.  

Note: Transmissions for Part 1 & 2 will happen at the same time, in same time slots. Those who choose Part 2 need not worry about missing the Part 1 as initiation for those energies are already included along with Part 2 process. 

Details of manifestation seeds 

 1. Seed for Wealth and Prosperity Manifestation

This allows you to access to cosmic and relevant angels, Siddhar and a whole host of spiritual Gurus to make cosmic manifest for your the wealth and prosperity. This will be evident in your life, business and career.

2. Seed for health manifestation

Those with poor health will see significant changes flowing to them.

3. Seed for Spiritual growth

Years of meditations, following YouTube Gurus for discourses etc. will change after this practice. Along with a specific sankalpa to move your own atma toward self realization, this diksha will also help you to get clarity on your chosen path.

4. Seed for peace manifestation

Those who are always stressed, unhappy and depressed will find relief through this meditation. With the help of sankalpa, your own self power will awaken and all these problems will vanish. You will establish in peace and happiness coming from your inner self.

5. Seed for manifesting intelligence – for students

The new world needs people who are intelligent and having problem solving skills to make changes and invent new things. This is for people who want to be change agents for the new world. 

Magic of group meditation

Thank you for your response and effort to create an intense group meditation effect. Group meditation will send its ripples to greate distance, bringing peace, harmoney and health to masses. 

See top 5 countries that responded to this event (by count of registrations – data is updated once in 24 hrs)

  • Europe (1170)
  • India (6813)
  • Malaysia (1522)
  • Russia (1900)
  • United States (2342)