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Aãdi Nãda Diksha – 24 July 2021

Registration has been closed

This event has been completed and the registration has been closed. 

General Benefits of Aãdi Nãda Diksha

Aadi Naada Diksha is the fastest way to achive the state of super conscious state and can lead to Savikalpa or Nirvikalpa samadhi. It shortens the time needed for spiritual progress and helps to acquire energy that is beyond normally accessible spectrum.

This Diksha is not advised for those below 15 years of age, pregnant woman and for those undergoing psychiatric treatment

This is transmission through which you will experience the complete power of the primordial sound, OM. While you meditate, your system will resonate with the Guru’s vibration levels. By following the process, you will be able to tap into those frequencies even after the event. This is a deep spiritual experience and is something that can’t be explained in words.

We are doing elaborate preparations to give you the full benefit of the Diksha. Please register to receive instructions.  Instructions will be sent to you immediately after registration. Be assured that your email is in safe hands and will be used only for event-related communications.