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Aãdi Nãda Diksha – 24 July 2021

Receive Diksha 

21 days after the Diksha, you will receive invitation to join manifestation training. 


  1. Sit on a chair, mat with crossed legs or in any comfortable position. Ensure that you are sitting straight with spine erect.
  2. Take slow deep breaths for 2 to 3 minutes to relax yourself.

Receiving Diksha

  Estimated time: 30 minutes

  1. You will see video of Sri Pranaji in the meditation room (button is given below and will be active on 24th July). Guru Sri Pranaji will speak only in English. The Aãdi Nãda Diksha transmission will begin when Sri Pranaji raises his palms.
  2. You will be given a cue 30 seconds before he starts to prepare yourself. Please focus on his palms for 1 minute. After this, you should close your eyes and relax for around 5 minutes.
  3. Open your eyes when instructed.
  4. When the transmission is completed, please proceed to the next step to begin the OM meditation practice.
  5. Chanting of OM will happen in the meditation video throughout the transmission. You should chant along with it mentally.After receiving Diksha, you may use the following OM Meditation practice video as an aid for a few days:

Join on 24th July 2021 on any of the time slots – 00:00 hrs, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 UTC   (Find your time)

What will you experience

    1. This diksha works beyond the realm of energy. Please do not analyze based on the ‘feeling’ of energy flow.
    2. During the diskha, your thoughts will slowly vanish and you will enter into a deep state without thoughts, yet still alert and aware.
    3. For first timers, entering Thuriya may be a little strange experience to go through. Some may experience:
      1.  Absolute stillness of mind.
      2. Shallow or almost no breath. Do not be alarmed. It is a natural process in meditation.
      3. For a newbie in meditation, mind may create some agitation and restlessness due to the unusual experience.
      4. Sometimes, there may be fear of going to Samadhi/Thuria state.
      5. Old emotional release may happen. Just accept it. This is part of the cleansing process.

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