On 18 February 2023,
the day of Maha Shiva Rathi,
we invite you to experience Shiva,
The Master of all destinies

Join us as we seek to help humanity reach their spiritual potential in assisting Pranashakty International: This Shiva Experience – by truly understanding the ultimate purpose (not just observing, dancing, or listening to podcasts…) but to give yourself a true opportunity, in merging with consciousness and sadhana, to experience pure bliss and work on your karma, and ultimately find the Divine within!

Sri Pranaji & Team

Pranashakty is a group of soul searchers. We do things in the Siddha Way! Along with our spiritual practices, we do many exciting & interesting things to help others. Click to know more about us & the Siddha Way.

Shakty Enlightenment Program

Simply put, this program will connect you to the soul, give you complete Jeeva freedom and enable you to explore every capability that God has bestowed to humanity. Training is done by Pranaji directly.

Jothi Retreats

Start a new phase in your transformation with ability to access unlimited bliss, unlimited Jothi, ability to heal and give Jothi Blessing. Take your journey to next level with power to enhance human abilities through 365 energy points, prosperity, protection, next level of healing, karmic cleansing and the profound meditative experience through Maha Jothi Dyanam. In this course, you will see some of the most practical application of spiritual energies.

Siddhas see spirituality as a holistic thing. It is a combination of material and physical aspects of life. With the power of Jothi, Sri Pranaji brings the most advanced and fast techniques for spiritual progress. Jothi Retreat creates profound impacts of your material and spiritual worlds. It is very suitable for the modern word as we follow the Siddha Way. It employs direct, straight to the point and fast methods to bring transformation in you.

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Hidden Gems

for support in the journey

Some initiations come handy when we have a tough time on the spiritual path. Some of them are also great tools for healing and self defecnce. These are optional and you may choose to receive them irrespective of your lineage or your association with Pranashakty.

What is new?

Shiva Zen Meditation & Healing Statues in Bali, Indonesia

Suly Resort in Bali, Indonesia was blessed with a special gift from Sri Pranaji today. World’s first Shiva Zen Meditation & Cosmic Healing statues were installed by him in the resort premises for the peace seekers visiting the area. The process is very simple, even a novice can enter this deep state of meditation with little effort within a minute.

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