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Meditation Center

Powerful Meditations that can be expereinced by sitting at your home, made possible through energy activated online transmissions.

Ananda Siddhi

Mystical energy that fills you with bliss, cleanses emotional.

Sahaj Samadhi

Reach a natural, effortless state of deep spiritual bliss, at will.

Experience Kundalini

Experience by sitting at your home though Sri Pranaji’s vak-shakty

Healing Center

The body is the temple, the mind its worshipper, and the soul its deity; healing aligns all three in perfect harmony.

Jothi Healing

Powerful healing for ailments, diseases & emotional issues.

Psychological issues

Welcome to a fresh start for your mind and heart.

Advanced Healing

Healing that needs focused direct intervention.

Spiritual Training

Sri Pranaji’s Spiritual training is a path to enlightenment and with Siddha techniques.

Jothi Retreats

Powerful spiritual training that has everything for body and soul

Shakty Enlightenment Program

For those who seek enlightenment

Kundalini Shaktypath

For anyone, without barriers of lineage.

Innovations Focus

Sri Pranaji’s ground breaking innovations, impacting lives, the Siddha Way!

Yantra Farming

Fertilizers & Pest Control, Now with Energy

Sri Navasiddhi Parvathy

A goddess with power of 100 goddesses

Ultimate form of Manifestation

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana

Sri Pranaji has over a hundred original techniques that has made spirituality reachable for a commoner.

Truely unique programs

Sri Pranaji’s Programs that Stand out!

Spiritual Program for Yoga Teachers

Varma & energy Program

Corecell Energy